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This is me.

I live in my own world and play by my own rules. Constantly thinking and analyzing, there aren’t many topics that I haven’t thought about and formed my own opinions on. This is neither a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just me.


The Things I've Done.

Yep — I’ve worked in many different fields. Tech. Music. Fitness. Photography. Authoring. Didn’t do too bad in them, either! Who knows what’s next?

Software & Web Development
Fitness Industry

The Book

I wrote a book teaching personal trainers how to building better connections with their clients without teaching one single thing about exercise.

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The Bottle.

Working with client and community, we deliver masterplans that create vibrant new places and spaces, attract people, and encourage investment through.

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2019 - Present


Leads planning efforts; gathers product and project requirements

Assembles project plans and detailed timelines

Collaborates with team members for sprint planning, prioritizing and assigning work, and breaking down business requirements to functional requirements for development and QA processes

Monitors work efforts on a daily basis

Manages and performs quality review and regression testing

Creates test plans to ensure comprehensive coverage across all environments and stakeholder teams

Escalates functional, quality and timeline issues appropriately

Conducts retrospectives and lessons learned in an effort to improve future projects

Manages, mitigates, and communicates  risks with project scope, budget and resources to team members and stakeholders

Tracks key project milestones, suggesting adjustments to help ensure plans and resources meet the needs of customer 

Establishes and maintain lines of communication with outsourced staff and stakeholders; and with IT staff and resources involved in collaborative projects

Manages development work contracted with external vendors

08/2018 – 10/2019

Fitness Manager
Studio Manager

Taught HIIT classes including treadmill work, strength training, and boxing

Recruited and trained fitness level employees in their respective job duties

Prepared weekly schedules and work assignments for Fitness Trainers.

Ensured customers were given high quality services and assistance when needed

Assisted in developing and maintaining workout programs

Stayed abreast of latest updates in fitness industry and implemented when possible

Monitored the initial workouts of new clients and provided feedback

Monitored and controlled expenses within the allotted budget

Offered various fitness programs to new clients’ specific needs

Worked with other staff to disseminate monthly revenue targets

Ensured that all staff followed corporate procedures and policies

Provided training to staff for professional growth

03/2014 – 7/2018
Gold's Gym Capitol Hill

Fitness Manager
Personal Training Mgr

Developed personal training programming for clients of all demographics

Led all personal trainers in client retention and monthly revenue

Taught 4 weekly Sports Conditioning Classes that included interval training, calisthenics, beginner boxing routines, and plyometrics

Direct accountability for all fitness operations, sales and systems, hiring and developing, service offerings, as well as execute education and training programs to enhance the success and experience of all concerned.

Manages all Personal Trainers, Group Exercise instructors, and Fitness Sales people including hiring, performance evals, write-ups, professional development, and payroll

Identifies business needs, performs assessments, determines solutions to business problems, and develops business processes

Developed marketing strategies for in-gym membership engagement as well as corporate engagement such as speaking engagements, presentations, etc.

Manages, monitors, and evaluates all personal training business reports including Active Client Penetration, Sales Reports, Membership Retention, and Total Service Revenue Projections

Creates various advanced MS Excel worksheets to analyze and assess business budget needs, using company sales and revenue reports and projection tables

Trainer development (exercise science, client management, and membership engagement)

Ranked a top 10 manager company-wide in the area of department revenue

06/2017 - 08/2018
Museum of the Bible

Corporate Wellness Advisor

Created and presented an in-house health and wellness guide for the corporate staff onboarding process. Topics included:

  • Muscular Endurance 
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness/Aerobic Endurance
  • Stretching
  • Mental fatigue
  • Macronutrient guidance
  • BMR
  • Caffeine intake
  • Hydration and 
  • Training program ideas
06/2012 - 04/2013
Merrick Towles Communications

Director of
Project Management

Created algorithms for implementation in PHP. Developed complex components of websites using PHP, MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter, and WordPress. All projects used several inhouse PHP plugins for WP including APIs to various external applications. Mentored and assisted developers with in-depth technical issues.

Developed a developer guideline for PHP standards and best practices, including general PHP syntax and style, commenting, and security guidelines such as mandatory server-side form validation and XSS filtering. This ensured that all new code would be easier to maintain and understand moving forward.

Learned and utilized an underused web application called Advantage to organize the entire company workflow, including estimates (internal and vendor), purchase orders, timesheets, project schedules, and day to day tasks.

Created an environment of intrinsic change leadership. Cultivated developers and others to foresee process and workflow problems and be proactive in figuring out solutions.

Managed approval of both print and interactive projects, client interaction and presentations by working with the Director of Account Services (Account Executives)

Responsible for predicting work overloads and contracting outside vendors to supplement drastic work increases.

11/2010 - 06/2012
Adfero Group

Technical Project Mgr

Successfully managed and launched the first public-facing DHS ICE-level content management system

Reviewed developers' code before migrating changes to the production server

Oversaw transition from physical servers to Cloud hosting (Akamai as CDN); Manages LAMP servers within DHS Public Cloud from OS level to Application level (CMS)

Helped develop technical specification documentation, including PHP classes and methods/functions (FRD, SRD, SDD, etc.)

Implemented custom jQuery modules for various aspects of the project, including slideshows and front-end data manipulation.

Managed project milestones and tasks such as designing the WordPress framework for an Enterprise level project

10/2008 - 11/2010
Computer Sciences Corporation

Web Development Mgr

Successfully managed several web development projects for Department of Defense (DOD) Intelligence Information System (DODIIS) developers located all over the world using the CodeIgniter MVC framework

Ensured that all technologies conformed to the many government and international standards

Managed a medium-sized multidisciplinary team to develop web-based applications and solutions that address the business/customer strategy and produce measurable results for the client

Developed a PHP Employee timecard system sing a standard LAMP stack and Agile development workflow

Created and implemented code change processes

Oversaw LAMP stack development server Virtual Machine templates

05/2010 - 05/2012
Boston Center for
Digital Imaging Arts

Web Development Instructor

Instructs several web development courses ranging from beginner to advanced topics including PHP, WordPress, and CMS management 

Develops lesson plans and course evaluation guides specialized for each course and class

Monitors student comprehension through coursework and observation of progress

Brainstorms with other instructors to create new and innovative ways to introduce various lessons and web technologies

07/2006 - 10/2008
Lockheed Martin

Held TS/SCI clearance while developing and debugging Enterprise-level software for government agencies

Provided C++ object-oriented design, programming and implementation support to the classified client system.

Designed, developed, tested, and debugged software that contained logical and mathematical solutions to business/mission problems or questions in computer language for solutions by means of data processing equipment.


Creative & dedicated is things that gilber studio brings for your business.

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Dwight Schrute
The Office
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Paul & Amanda
Envato Studio
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Ramsay Bolton
Apple Inc


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